With smartphones replacing practically all of our handheld electronics (the smartphone is demolishing the handheld gaming market, the portable camera market and sat-nav market) we are becoming ever more reliant on our beloved little rectangles of plastic and glass. 7 or 8 years ago, mobile phones were little more than tools to text each other with and browse incredibly slow internet on. Now, we can do pretty much anything we like, and can perform tasks to near desktop levels of computer on a smaller display.


Perhaps the best thing about the smartphone is that it is as versatile as a Swiss army knife, yet unlike that fixed blade, our smartphones have numerous sensors in them which allow it to pinpoint where we are, rotate the display, judge levels and even – in cases – our heart beat. Unsurprisingly, one of the top uses for our smartphones is as a satellite navigation system, and as the years have gone on more and more navigation apps have come out which allow us to get from A to B, and often from C – D, quickly.


If you have an iPhone then this list if for you. Below, find 3 amazing iOS navigation apps to check out.


Google Maps

Let’s start with the obvious one, shall we? Due to being incorporated on the iPhone since the handsets creation and coming stock on Android devices, Google Maps is the most used mapping application in the whole world. It offers up reliable directions for any would be traveler, and allows you to get an estimate of the time it will take to get to a destination. If you do not drive, it will calculate public transport routes for you, and if your location is near, walking time / distance too. Google Maps also has a solid turn by turn navigation feature built in.
Tom Tom App

One upon a time this was the highest grossing application on Apple’s App Store. It’s a great application for sure, offering a much higher level of direction than the free Google Maps and this application could theoretically completely replace the satnav in your car. At £39.99, this app does not come cheap, but it does when you consider a dedicated satnav costs upwards of £60, and that’s without the Tom Tom branding. Be sure to check out this app if you are after a complete solution to replacing your satnav, I can guarantee you will love it!


GPS Navigation 2

With four out of five stars on iTunes with 478 votes, GPS Navigation 2 is a reliable mapping application which costs far less than the Tom Tom app however more than Google Maps. With UK and ROI maps as standard, this nifty mapping app will allow you to get directions to any journey you will be taking. Although it has a tendency to skip motorways, once you get the hang of this app and its settings its as good as any other.



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