In this technically driven age, one can easily find people giving the regular and stereo typical telephone calls a miss. Everybody has a smart phone (hey! We are not judging) and they actively indulge in video calls through phone. Are you still fidgeting around with your phone, while the whole world makes use of video calling through their phones? It’s about time to woke up to these free Wi-fi calling apps, that not only helps you cut short on your telephone expenses, but also gives you a richer, lively and more interactive mean of communications. If you are confused about which app to choose – Tango or Skype or something else, we are here to discuss the top 5 most widely used apps for video calling etc. Bringing the world closer, here are the top 5 technically intact wi-fi calling apps. Take your pick:



Google Voice

Google Voice

One of the most used applications for voice calling today is Google voice. It is a single point available to synchronize all of the text messages, missed calls and voice mails etc. Besides, it works well with multiple devices,including tabs and also allows you to use the same phone number or any or all of the devices. Thus, you can use the same phone number for your official or residential work etc. What a relief that is, right?

However, there are two major loopholes in this otherwise brilliant app. Firstly, the app is still available for the people of the United States and that its developer, Google, has not taken much initiative in the past 5 years to upgrade the app. But minor drawbacks kept aside, this is a rather poignant app which lets you talk freely, without the limitation of your phone number.

Best features of the app includes – easy number porting, cheap international call rater, extension for computer web browser, calls from within Gmail, option for DND (do not disturb) etc.





One app which allows you to be in touch with your group of chums without burning a hole in your pocket is Fring. This app makes it completely free for you to call any of your other friends on Fring. And well, if you have to have an important discussion with your entire group – perhaps discuss the pros and cons of a date you have just had, or console somebody or just do your plain simple gossip, this app is the answer that you are looking for. Fring allows free group video chat and messaging. All that you need is a front facing android phone and you can start a video call between 4 of your close pals.

Best features – free Fring to Fring calling in the whole wide world, up to 4 video calls in one go, international calling rates are pretty inexpensive.






Does it even need an introduction? Skype is the world renowned calling app and much like its desktop counterpart, Skype of android phones is again pretty famous and widely used. All of the desktop features like free Skype calls, video calls, instant messaging etc are easily and flawlessly rendered into its mobile version.

Besides, the recent updates have enabled Skype to offer landscape calling for tablets, which has the special feature of a front side shooter. Additional features boasts off low cast calls, SMS to landline or mobile numbers and an easy integration with Windows Live Messenger.

The mobile version has now become handier as compared to the desktop version and with 600 millions world wide users; you will surely find your set of friends there on Skype.

Best features – intuitive interface and inexpensive calling rates, free Skype to Skype calls, and a massive community of users on Skype.






We will start with the repeated and boring comment KakaoTalk allows for free calling and messaging in its own community of users. But here is the fun part – with its variety of highly animated emote icons and themes, it offers one of the most playful and lively interface for the users to interact at. You will surely enjoy, given its high quality themes and a plethora of options.

Experts believe that Kakao Talk is one of the most fast growing networks used today for the people to communicate and though the app boasts of a younger demographic for now, soon we see a strong community of users building around it.

Besides, with its new plug in installed, you can include polls and share photos etc as well.

Best features – Free calling, plug in support, animated emote-icons and customized themes. This app makes up for a lively and interactive communication source.





Tango is another immensely popular and highly digitized app available for calling and interacting through your wi-fi. You can do various international calls and video calls, send messaged etc and share photos free of cost. Besides, with the recent updates, you can also send audio messages, use video filters for calls, share pictures on Facebook and a lot more. However, you may need Android 4.0 to enable some of the features to run better.

Besides, the one thing running for Tango is its surprises. Tango surprises are highly digitized and animated animations which works over your text conversations. And face it, obviously an animated cat looks way much better than any of us, especially when we have just woken up from our slumber. This, along with themes and other options of Tango, like ability to play games while still on a video call etc, definitely makes it a clincher. Just pay a little (as little as $1.99) and these animations and themes will be yours.

Best features – animation packs and games along with video calls, free Tango to Tango calling, cheap international rates and a lot more.

So which one is your favorite? Which app do you use the most while talking to your friends or family or clients? Let us know in the comment box.