I was chatting on Facebook with my friend. I wanted to share a link  from a *certain* website with him. I pasted the link on the chat window and tried to send it across. Surprisingly, I got this error:  “The content you’re trying to share includes a link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe


The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe


It was a popular website, I wondered why Facebook would block it.  I tried to shorten the URL via a service like bit.ly or tinyurl.com, hoping it would fool Facebook but they use automatic forwarding. Facebook detected it and again blocked me from posting the link.


I ended up hacking the URL to something illegible just so that Facebook wouldn’t bug me anymore. Eg. http:// my bannedwebsite . com


This is unintuitive and doesn’t encourage your friends to click it. Facebook blocks several popular websites for reasons ranging from porn to marketing and many other reasons in between. The worst part about this ban is that, forget posting a banned website as a status, you cannot even share it as a private message with your friends.


This is where pwnzuck.com (Unfortunately Facebook Blocked it) steps in. It allows you to share banned websites on Facebook. Banned links shared via ‘pwnzuck’ are not detected by Facebook and allowed to go through.


Here is how to bypass Facebook censorship and ‘pwn zuckerberg’ in the process.


Step 1:  Copy the url you want to share

Step 2:  Visit www.pwnzuck.com

Step 3: Paste the url in the text box. Hit ‘pwn zuck’ button.

Step 4: Copy the shortened url. It will be like this – http://pwnzuck.com/xx where ‘xx’ is a number.

Step 5: Paste the new url in Facebook as a status or as a private message. Your friends can see the title, description, preview photo as if it was a normal link.



If you have any suggestions for Pwn Zuck,  Contact the admin of PwnZuck via the contact page or follow him on Twitter @PwnZuck


Disclaimer: This is not a hacking tutorial. This tutorial is just to make people aware that even though Facebook has blocked  ‘n’  number of websites , its of no use and the same blocked link can be easily shared without any hassles.