You’ve downloaded some of Facebook’s many apps, only to delete them when you find that they are useless. With so many apps available, how are you to know which ones you should check out first? Here is a list of the most useful Facebook apps ever, complete with descriptions of what makes them so great.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook messenger app is a must if you communicate with your friends via Facebook inbox. The app allows you to open, read, and respond to all of your Facebook messages without having to open your Facebook app. Along with text messages, you can also send and receive voice messages, photos, and videos, as well as make phone calls anywhere in the world.

Facebook Messenger

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At some point, you have to find a job. Glassdoor is one of the easiest and most informative Facebook apps to do just that. You can search thousands of jobs on the go and save them for later when you are ready to apply. Company reports, salary information, even interview questions are provided by company employees, giving you an edge when applying and interviewing for your perfect job. With Facebook integration, you can see if someone you know works at the company you’re applying to.


By logging in to Hugecity, you can find out all the activities going on in your area. By logging in through Facebook, you can also find out what events your Facebook friends are attending. Not only can you find something to do, but you can find out who else is doing it. No need for mass texts to find out where everyone is. Hugecity can tell you both at the same time.


Waze is quite possibly the best navigation app there is. User interactive, it has the most up-to-the-minute information on traffic, construction, police sittings, and accidents. On top of that, you can use Waze to see where your Facebook friends are, which is very helpful when you’re meeting up or you need to catch a ride. You can even private message other “wazers” through the app and upload information about the route that you are driving. To make sure you never get lost or stuck in traffic again, take advantage of this app on a smartphone with reliable Internet access, like those from LG.


Buffer is an app for those of you that want to post often but don’t have time to sit on your phone all day. With Buffer, you can schedule posts to go out to different media sites, including Facebook, throughout the day or week. You connect your media profiles to the Buffer app, write all of your posts (including links or pictures), and then schedule them. You can also get insights for all of your posts, seeing how many people clicked on each post on each of your media sites.

YouTube Tab

Adding a YouTube Tab to your Facebook page allows you to share your YouTube library with all of your Facebook friends. Your friends can search your YouTube videos by hashtag, can view thumbnails, and can even like and comment on your videos just like they would a regular status. What better way to share yourself and your interests than by sharing your favorite videos?


Like mix tapes but tired of the same old music? Songza allows you to play music mixes based on your current activity or the genre that you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re studying and would like some instrumental music or you’re having a date over and would like some romantic tunes, Songza has you covered. Logging in with Facebook allows you to share your playlists with your Facebook friends.


Arguably one of the funniest websites and Facebook apps in existence, Someecards is the app to have for those moments throughout the day when you need a quick laugh. How can you resist an old-fashioned drawing of a person with an accompanying cheeky, sarcastic saying?

For most of you, Facebook is a part of your everyday life. So is your smartphone. Combine the two by finding the best, most useful Facebook apps that will make your life easier and more productive.