Disabling Facebook’s “Message seen” feature is very simple and easy.  Previously on Facebook, you could read messages and never bother replying back to those messages because the sender is not aware whether you have read the message or not.  Gone are those good days , Now the sender would definitely know if you have read the message and that’s intrusion in our very own privacy. We need our own time to reply as every message can’t be instantly replied (If you  know what I mean).

The worst part is, we even don’t have the option to disable or enable from our Facebook profile as its turn on by default for all Facebook users. Well without wasting much of your time, lets disable this feature using a browser add-on, which is easy to use.

 Facebook seen feature

How to Disable “Seen” feature on Facebook

  • Download Chat Undetected
  • Once downloaded, Install it on your computer.
  • After installation you would find that Chat Undetected is integrated with your browser

Nothing to worry about after its integrated with your browser. The send would never come to know whether you have seen the messages or not.  Please note: This trick won’t work if you a using a browser where Chat Undetected is not installed. Eg: Another browser or while browsing Facebook using mobile.

Should Facebook add a new feature providing us the option to enable or disable seen feature ? Do let me know about your views on the same.

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