“Someone please turn off  Facebook Notification Sound , its so irritating” – I heard my friend saying this as he was getting constant messages and notifications from his friends . Every-time he received a message Facebook makes its new notification sound. What most people do ? They simply turn off the master volume on the computer.  That’s not a good idea if you are listening to your favorite songs or watching videos on Facebook. 

I understand that Facebook is constantly upgrading itself with new features. Some of them are beneficial and accepted by people but some like those disturbing notification sounds suck big time.

So whats the solution to the problem?   Below mentioned 3 simple steps will help you Stop Facebook Notification Sounds Instantly.

Disable Facebook Notification



Steps you need to follow in-order to disable Facebook Notification Sounds


  • Click on the Gear on the top right corner of your Facebook Page and click on Account Settings


Facebook Account Settings



  • Now click on Notifications and got ‘How You Get Notifications’ 


Facebook Notifications Settings



  • Click on edit (pencil symbol) and remove the tick from  ‘Play a sound when each new notification is received’


Disable Facebook Notifications Sounds



Well done! You have successfully disabled the irritating sound without turning off the volume on the computer.  You can always go back and turn it on if needed.  I hope you have found the tutorial useful and I would wait for your honest feedback via comments