Buying a new mobile phone has never been an easy choice, but today the sheer variety of models available makes it even more complicated. Whilst having plenty of choice is certainly a good thing, it leaves you with more options to consider and that means a more complex buying process.

Understanding the different factors involved with buying a new phone will help you find the right one for you – but just what should you look for?

 What to Look For In a New Mobile Phone


Value For Money

One of the more practical and limiting considerations to be made is over the cost. All new phones are likely to come with a sizeable price tag so it is important that you seek a handset which offers a decent selection of features which justify the price.

Of course, there are ways to manage the cost and investigating contract phones is always advisable. These offer the latest phones at a reduced rate but you have to make payments on a regular basis for the long term. Depending on the tariff you choose and the type of use your phone gets, this could work out economically beneficial in the long run but is something you’ll need to look at closely.

Don’t forget that you can recoup some of these expenses through getting rid of your old phone too. Too many people keep their old mobiles tucked away at home or simply throw them away when mobile phone recycling could pay them for the obsolete handset – money which can be put towards the purchase of a new model.



Similar to costs, you need to ask yourself what it is you want from a new phone. Mobiles do so much more than making calls these days, so you need an understanding of what uses you want to get out of a device. The modern smartphone can do almost everything, but the best models come at a price.

Finding a balance between the features you want and the price you can afford is key. If you don’t want a camera, for instance, then paying extra for a model with a high-definition camera is arguably a waste of money.



Similarly, you also need to consider the phone’s suitability as a long term investment to ensure you get value for money. Always look at the various figures and specifications of any phone with specific focus on the battery life and customer reviews over long-term performance. Finding theses figures out will give you a better idea of how reliable the phone is; a feature which you should always prioritise.

After all this, you should have a greater idea of what you’re looking for and what models measure up to your expectations. Additionally, you should compare your new handset to the phone it replaced and ask whether it is better. If not, then it’s not a worthwhile investment. Your old phone should always be a base model from which you improve on; there’s no point investing in a lower grade model after all.


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