Multiple twitter accounts will help you separate your personal life from your professional networks. The sames rule applies to Gmail, Facebook and other social media websites.   Simultaneously logging into more than one twitter account in the same browser was not possible before. The only work around was using incognito mode in Chrome, private browsing in Firefox or by opening multiple browsers.

Managing multiple twitter accounts at the same time is a tough job in itself and the use of two or more browsers make things even worse. Right now, I have around  16 open tabs in chrome and I can’t afford to open Firefox at the same time, it will drive me crazy. I’m sure you have experienced such problems as well.

Luckily we have MultiLogin extension for Chrome and Multifox add-on for Firefox. I find the chrome extension extremely easy to use.  After you install the chrome extension, just click on the New Identity icon and open your second twitter account. Its as simple as that.

multilogin chrome extension

Similarly Multifox is a great add-on for Firefox which will let you use multiple accounts . You can read about it on Lifehacker .  These add-on’s are not limited to Twitter, It works on all the websites. I use it to sign into my Gmail accounts as well.

With the help of such helpful tools you can make the best use of Twitter.  Go ahead and give it a try. It surely won’t disappoint you, that’s a guarantee. Please share your views after using MultiLogin and Multifox. Let me know which one you prefer?