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We have all become too attached to our phones that we depend on them for our day to day tasks. Don’t you all think, we are too much dependent on smartphones that we fail to memorize mobile numbers and basic daily tasks ? Gone are the days where we memorized mobile numbers. We now store numbers in the contacts list, use reminder apps because we are too busy, we even take notes on our smartphones .No doubt, its really convenient and useful at the same time. We rarely meet friends as we are always connected using Whats App, Facebook, Twitter and list is endless. Can we live a day without our mobile phone? Its seems impossible for me at least. We love our smartphones , don’t we?

Our phones often get outdated in a year or so due to advancements in mobile technology. In order to keep up with the current trend, we upgrade our phones almost every year and it does cost a lot of money But, have you ever thought of selling your old phone? Selling your old phone will you get some cash which will in-turn help you while buying a new smartphone. Some of you may have even tried selling your old phone but finally end up selling them at rock bottom prices. What if I told you that you can get MSP (Maximum selling price) for your old phone on eBay. Surprised ? read more..

eBay is an awesome online shopping website. You can buy and even sell things on eBay. Almost everything is available on eBay and its my one stop destination for all my shopping needs. I recently purchased the new iPhone 6 from eBay. One of the best features apart from the camera, screen size, battery backup and super fast processor is the VoLTE. It allows me to make voice calls over a 4G LTE network but you need to enable VoLTE feature on your iPhone. If you have any trouble doing so, my eBay guide on enabling VoLTE on iPhone 6 should surely help you. Along with the iPhone 6, I also purchased a 10000 mAh portable power bank. Accessories have also become a must these days, they act a booster for our phones. Do take a look at my guide on eBay, where I have mentioned my favorite smartphone accessories.

Before I purchased the new iPhone 6, I sold my old smartphone on eBay for best price. Which got me some cash and helped me upgrade. Just list your phone and stop worrying. eBay is so sure that your phone will sell and if it doesn’t , you will receive a $100 eBay Coupon for the phones listed on eBay between September 1st and October 24th.

eBay for the win

Why don’t you try and list your old phone on eBay ? . With iPhone 6 and 6 plus in the market now, I think it’s a great time to earn some extra cash so you can upgrade. eBay returns up to $200 for your previous generation smartphone when compared to competitors.

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