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An effective guest post would give you numerous benefits. SEO optimized articles give you benefits in the long run

  1. Add Headings, Sub Headings and avoid  lengthy paragraphs.
  2. Add at least one relevant image in the  article.
  3. No changes will be made in author bio once the article is live. So double check your author bio before submitting the article
  4. Minimum word count is 300

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  1. 1 do follow link in the Author bio and 1 link to a social networking site
  2. You would get Backlinks + Traffic + Exposure + Good Readers.
  3. Articles would be promoted on major social networking sites

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  5. Do respond to the comments on your post.
  6. BT’s Admin has the right to edit or remove the article at any point of time
  7. Author bio be short and sweet. 
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