How to See if Someone Is Invisible on Gmail

An easy trick to detect invisible users or friends on Gmail.  I’m 100% sure that invisible users can no longer hide from you unless they take precaution.  Yes, this method has a disadvantage but it doesn’t matter much. I read a similar  article at WikiHow  but, they have a different way of doing it.

Note: Snooping around trying to find if your friend or someone is hiding is not a good practise. So don’t misuse it but have fun 😉

For this trick to work, you will need an add-on called ” YesWare”  . This add-on is useful for sales people as it has loads of features like Email tracking, Team collaboration, Custom Templates, Reminders, CRM sync, Reports and what not.

The email tracking feature of Yesware will help us detect our invisible friend . Its very simple, just like 1 – 2- 3.

Chrome users download the add-on from

Firefox users  can use

Once its installed, it will do the work for you.  Below is a screenshot


You can now see which of your emails are not opened, opened but not replied, clicked etc.

yesware features

I think you should have probably got an idea of how this works.


  • Send an email to the person who you feel has set his/her status to invisible .  Make sure you enter something weird in the email subject 😀 . The person should feel curious about your email and must open it.
  • Once he opens your email, you receive a notification that xyz has opened your email.  So that means, he is online.

Go ahead and try this add-on.  I hope you enjoyed this article. Please do comment and subscribe for free updates