The challenge of designing visually stunning websites is not something new, but with the new generation of professional online design platforms such as Webydo the barrier to entry has been lowered significantly. Professional designers often struggle with the balance between the craft of creating visually compelling sites and the complexities of having to ensure that the code that underlies those sites does not undermine the design.

This often means long hours tinkering with code or having a collaborator to build and maintain the technology foundations of the site. Webydo removes all of that and allows professional designers to focus all of their attention on their clients and thewebsite design. One designer who has taken advantage of the flexibility that Webydo offers is DavidLipman of Red Licorice Media (, a Los Angeles, CA based design studio. “I’ve really enjoyed Webydo,” he says. “I like that I have the freedom of design. Even if theoretically I could achieve similar results with WordPress, it’s much easier with Webydo. The customer service is amazing and the people are very friendly.”

Red Licorice Media

One element of what makes Webydo so compelling is the intuitive drag and drop nature of the design interface. While it resembles the experience that designers are accustomed to from their established skill set, the ‘Photoshop’ like design studio aimed at design professionals is what sets this platform apart from other website creators. “The drag and drop element is great, its by far the easiest the use among the competition,” Lipman adds.“My favorite features are those elements that add a feature that can’t be achieved with your basic desktop publisher – such as the anchors and caption animation.”


He explains that the flexibly of the Webydo’s platform allows him to create the kind of designs that reflect the current trends in web design. “I really like the flat design that’s popular around the web today, so I decided to go in that direction for the Red Licorice Media site. I wanted a site that was simple to view, so I decided to divide all the pages into strips of colors–again, a design element that is popular today.”

 Red Licorice Media

The simplicity of the system in giving designers the ability to build cutting edge websites is only apart of the service the Webydo provides. The additional services are truly what separate the Webydo platform from its competitors. Aligned to the idea that it shouldn’t be necessary to be able to code in order to produce pixel perfect websites is the issue of hosting. Instead of the designer needing to write the code for their website, and find a hosting provider, Webydo includes this in their service. Webydo has also partnered with content delivery network Akamai to ensure that all websites built on the platform are accessible across the globe. This is in addition to the security and scalability that a platform like this brings to the party. Plus, designers will not need to take any extra steps to edit their website in the mobile editor or when they go and create a responsive website. Red Licorice Media web design

Another benefit Webydo is that they offer designers the choice to begin creating a website on their free plan and upgrade later to a premium plan.This allows designers to build up the site using a Webydo subdomain and only have to upgrade it to the Premium plan once the site is ready to go live. Webydo also has a great ‘Bill my Client’ option, which allows designers to invoice their clients straight out of the Webydo system, cutting down on the paperwork needed. Once the site is up and running the designer is able to give CMS access to their clients allowing them to update the site when necessary and freeing up them to carry on with the business of creating great sites. The client interface can also be customized in order to present a consistent image to the client.

 webydo editor

For professional designers, Webydo is the answer to creating hundreds of websites, managing clients and not having the thought to write a line of code cross their mind. Offering the best of both worlds, Webydo provides a fully functional design studio with the entire backup system that is needed in terms of hosting, billing clients and content management systems. Final words, Webydo was created by designers, and for designers and is regularly encouraging their growing community of over 50K designers to suggestion new features and vote on what features should be added next on their Participate page. Join the design revolution and unleash your creativity today, it’s free to try it.


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