Doodle dooWith WhatsApp claiming to be delivering more than 17 Billion messages per day, there is no doubt that chat applications have gone main stream.

What started as a simple push notification based text chat on smartphones is now evolving into complex media with text, emojis, videos, stickers and pictures.

Looks like there is a new kid on the block. Doodly Doo.

Doodly Doo sets a new trend in the sense that you can express your emotions with a unique personal touch and share it with the ones you love without any barriers which is certainly a big advantage over other chat applications.

That said; let’s play around with the app to see what is refreshing about it.

Doodly Doo offers doodling in many ways. Doodly Doo to Doodly Doo messaging with other phones is unlimited and free worldwide. Second, you can communicate with other smartphone users who don’t have Doodly Doo via SMS. With Doodly Doo, users can also post their messages on Facebook and on WhatsApp.

Doodly Doo presents you a simple screen for you to draw or write your message on a background of your choice. You get a variety of options to use as your background such as:

– Greeting Cards
– Pictures
– Web Pages
– Google Images
– Maps
– Rage Faces
– Smiley’s
– Fun Doodles drawn by artists from all over the world.

With Doodly Doo app, you can explore your creativity to create a unique – message, card, quote, doodle and send it to anyone. There is absolutely no need to invite your friends to use the app. The messages will play back on their devices even if they don’t have the app.

doodle app

The app comes pre-packed with greeting cards, rage faces, smileys etc. that allows users to communicate without text. It comes with a lot of handy features for creative communication. Adding a background photo to messages can be done by using inbuilt feature of taking photos, uploading from gallery, Google images and greetings that are pre-loaded.

Chatting with this app is of course easy and simple. Just tap on the chat button, attach a background, draw something on it and send it across to your friends. However, the app doesn’t allow sending messages to multiple contacts. If words can’t express everything, Doodly Doo is the answer for it. Go ahead and download your free copy from Google play store. Start Doodling!

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