Android is an operating system based on Linux. It is specifically intended for touch screen devices such as mobile smartphones and tablets. Right now, it is one of the leading platforms for smartphones and tablets. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this OS is its gaming capabilities. Developers are outdoing themselves in creating new and exciting games each year. Here is a list of some of the top games of 2012:


1. Angry Birds Star Wars

This is just like the classic Angry Birds game but with a dash of classic Star Wars thrown in. The birds are dressed as Star Wars characters (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, etc.) and have acquired weapons and powers such as light sabers and blasters.


2. Horn

This game is about Horn who is a blacksmith’s apprentice. His village is cursed, turning people into monsters which Horn needs to defeat. His main weapon is a crossbow. This game is highly recommended due to its combination of exciting combat scenes and intriguing puzzles, as well as its charming backstory. Horn can be played on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad or Android platform.


3. Jetpack Joyride

This free game features Barry Steakfries who steals a jetpack from a secret lab. The objective of the game is to obtain coins and get as far as one can despite obstacles such as rockers, scared scientists, and electric pillars. The game is witty, beautifully rendered, fun, and addictive.


4. Rayman Jungle Run

This fun running game has a total of forty stages which takes Rayman through stunning environments while avoiding enemies and acquiring items. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is addictive, thus rightfully earning its Ubisoft 2012 Game of the Year Award.


5. Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD

In this game, the player guides Hamilton and his sidekick through different environments such as the Himalayas or the Amazon. One needs to solve mysteries and collect items as well. There is a total of twenty two challenging mysteries for puzzle-lovers to solve.


6. Broken Sword II Smoking Mirror

This is a successful sequel to the game, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut. This game is one of the best adventure games of 2012 due to its fun graphics, unique story, and funny narratives. Here, players can once again join Nico Collard and George Stobbart in an exciting adventure-filled journey.


7. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Based on the popular video game of the same title, this game is one of the best games of 2012. The 1980s setting and character focused narrative allows one to choose whatever they want to do amidst the colorful background of Vice City. One can choose to explore the beaches, ghettoes, and swamps of this city – all of which are rendered with flair.


8. Yesterday

This game is for players who enjoy a grim backstory. It is about a psychotic killer who is murdering beggars in New York. This thriller is full of surprising twists which mainly involve Henry White, one of the main characters, along with Cooper and John Yesterday.


For avid Android gamers, these picks would surely be appreciated.