The strategies necessary for proper search engine optimization have changed tremendously since the advent of Penguin and Panda. These changes by Google made it necessary for users to take a lot more time developing content and to make certain that it’s useful to their readers. If you’re using WordPress as a business platform, you’ve already got quite a few advantages going for you in terms of search engine optimization. If you’re not getting the most out of it, take a look at your copy.

 are you getting the most out of wordpress seo


Linking Gone Wrong

At one point, a very effective linking strategy for getting higher PageRank was to simply get as many backward links as you could to your site. You could be running the best blog in the world right now and, if you have a lot of links coming from subpar sites to your own, you may be being penalized for that. Go back through your articles and see what sites are linking to them. If it’s under your control, have those links that Google doesn’t like taken down.


Keyword Madness

It’s long been known that keyword stuffing was a bad practice for Google. Now, that is even more the case. In fact, you don’t even have to stuff keywords into your articles anymore. Let them flow naturally into the copy as you talk intelligently, usefully and constructively about your topic. If you have old articles on your blog that are keyword stuffed, you should go back and alter them or remove them altogether, depending upon what you think would be the better option.


Theme Updates

Premium WordPress themes, provided they come from a good company, are updated on a regular basis. Some of the updates released for these themes have specific benefits for search engine optimization. Many themes will automatically update for you. If they do not, simply go to your control panel and update the theme. You may be losing out on search engine optimization benefits if you haven’t taken care of this.


Final Word

Choosing a professional WordPress theme is more important than it has ever been. Google is looking hard at content these days, but the rules of good source code still apply. If you’re using a free WordPress theme that isn’t coded up to standards, you may want to go ahead and upgrade to a professional theme so that you don’t end up creating a problem for yourself in terms of search engine optimization based on having sloppy code.


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