As many new apps are daily added to the already huge iTunes list, there should be no wonder that the iPhone becomes an important part of your busy life. Existence of numerous iPhone apps for travelers may mean traveling to remote countries without having any stress

But since the travel apps are very numerous, you need to compare their features and functionality, thus being able to determine the ones that will satisfy the particular traveling needs you may have. Fortunately, since the majority of them are free, a quick download will help you understand their characteristics without going through much trouble.


iPhone apps for travelers


iPhone Apps for Travelers



TripIt, the short form of trip itinerary, is one of the most popular travel apps that really provide the user with a lot of details related to creating itineraries for the holiday. When you install it on your phone, it will help you get all the needed, useful information related to your journey: you will have access to details concerning the flight, the room at the hotel, the exact arrival and departure times, information about the existing rent car agencies and many others.

Basically, instead of accessing the sites of the hotel, airport, car rental company etc, every time you need fresh info, all you have to do is start TripIt. And why should you still want to print your journey details (with the huge risk of losing or deteriorating them) when all you have to do is use this great app?



This app is similar with TripIt to a certain degree, but it has a few features that add to its functionality. It is another app that allows you to rapidly and easily access all necessary data concerning the flight details, the accommodation, etc, but it also helps you get information about the flight-related delays in the airports, the gate status, the flight cancellations due to bad weather, and so on. TripCase will also give you alternative solutions in case that you miss your plane. In addition to this, you are also provided with the hotel phone number, an useful feature to have in case that something unexpected happens.



This app is highly recommended in case you are visiting the U.S.A. because it gives you access to a huge list of vacation destinations and touristic attractions. And the good news doesn’t stop here: you can also consult the reviews of the restaurants and the hotels that are spread all over the US.

If you are interested in local health and medical services, Yelp is a great virtual advisor. It is definitely a tool that will help you save a lot of time when looking for the needed info on the internet, also offering useful information related to different points of interest in America.


Google Maps

Google Maps is very similar with the official internet website, allowing you to plan a complete vacation, no matter if you plan to fly to the destination or go there by train or by car. The app includes many details related to numerous hotels in the world, various restaurants, rent a car companies and other points of interest.

Through Google Maps, you will be also able to find general, useful information that will come in handy even when you are traveling, no matter if we are talking about ATMs, supermarkets or gas stations. If you will ever be looking for a police station or a hospital, this app will provide the necessary info as well.

The reviews written by the people that have installed these apps are great, so go and download them right now; you will discover how much they will simplify your life and your travels.