Most of us can remember the first time we played a video game. For some it was the Pack Man era and for others it was the pong era. New Generations have been raised with the Play Stations so they don’t understand how blessed they are to have pocket sized machines that have the gaming power of some machines that cost tens of thousands, not many years ago.  


Boy Have Times Changed

Today it’s safe to say that the sky is the limit with the power and strength of our hand held devices. Games have never before been able to have the graphics and user ability that they have today. If someone hands the average person an iPhone running Max Payne, it’s safe to say that they will be impressed. For the typical gamer, it’s not just enough for there to be shiny graphics and a great plot. It takes great playability amazing graphics and ease of use. The last thing an aggressive gamer wants to do is be stifled by playability when they are enthralled in their game.  


Let’s Shoot Them Up

Let’s walk though some of the best shooting games for all types of gamers. This time around we have decided to focus on some of the best first person shooter games that have come out for the iPhone.


 Max Payne

Let’s Start out with Max Payne. This game is packed solid with content. As you play you are catapulted from one hellish landscape to the next trying to work your way through the story. Aside from the fact this is a game most people never thought would ever be seen outside of an over clocked and burning hot console, it has found its way into the iPhone. Check out where to get it here.

Call of duty Black Ops

Call of duty Black Ops. There have been many students who have failed out of collage due to this little game. Hours upon hours of play in the same map never gets boring. Due to the fact that the game is always changing makes it easy to get lost. Taking the game of tag to a whole new level Call of Duty does not disappoint. Allowing up to four players and supporting voice chat this is a crazy no expenses spared thrill ride from the edge of your cell phone. Believe it or not there is only one map available but who cares grab it while supplies last you won’t be disappointed. Check out where to get it here.

Nova 2

Nova 2 is one of those games that catch you off guard. A keen eye can catch the remanence from its predecessor halo but all kidding aside this game blows the competition away. There are lots to be said for this ground breaking battle quest. The new features of this game allow for some real sprawling game play. Being that some of the maps are outside, there is tons of land to get lost in. This is great for people trying to hide out and be last in line for the slaughter. Check out where to get it here.

 Doom Classic

Ok, let’s throw back for a second. This gritty thrill ride is quite possibly the game that started it all. Allowing only one player this game doesn’t really need an introduction.  Doom Classic is by far the game that brought bloody massacre to the digital screen. Now who ever thought that killing a bunch of people with a hand gun virtually would be so much fun figured it out with this one?  As first person shooters go keep in mind this is not a catchy graphics extravaganza. This is the original shoot them up and ask questions later shooter game. So why fix it if it’s not broken. Grab it now here.


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