Most businesses have realized that the use of Internet is not just limited to desktop browsers. There are many people who access the Internet through mobile phones or tablets. In order to be sure that a website is well displayed on a mobile device, you need to use certain tools which can easily test your website on mobile devices.

Desktop websites are very different from mobile websites. They differ from each other in many aspects. As a result, they need to be developed in different ways. Once your website has been designed, it is important to check if it will look good on mobile devices. Each mobile device is different from another. It is quite impossible to check how a website would look on every mobile device. However, there are some emulators which can easily perform this task. Such emulators give you an idea if your website will be correctly viewed on mobile devices. In this article, we will tell you about some web tools which help you to test a website on mobile devices.
Opera Mobile Emulator

As the name suggests, this tool has been developed by Opera. It can easily test websites and tell you how they would work on Opera mobile browser. Since this is an emulator, you will not need any real devices to test the website. Opera mobile emulator is pre-configured with various mobile phone and tablet profiles. The only drawback is that it does not tell you how your website would look in other browsers. Moreover, the device profiles are only those which can run on Opera mobile browser.

Gomez is an excellent online testing tool. Gomez can easily test a website and rate it anywhere between 1 to 5. The best part is that Gomez tests a website on the basis of 30 factors. This allows you to cover every aspect of your website before you launch it for mobile devices. However, you have to register to use Gomez. You can easily register with a valid email address and other basic information. The report which is sent to you about the website will also include suggestions to make it better.
GoMo Meter

GoMo Meter is a testing tool which has been developed by Google. It allows you to test a website for smartphones. Moreover, even GoMo Meter sends a report with recommendations about how you can easily improve your website. The best part about GoMo Meter is that it also provides additional information including contact details of developers, advertisers, publishers and other agencies which can help out.



MobiReady is a simple and easy to use online testing tool. It simply tells you how your website scores on mobile devices. It considers many different factors including HTML code errors, speed, HTTP response headers, character encoding and so on. Moreover, it allows you to take a look at the preview of your website on some old handsets from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others.



The latest version of Firefox browser has a built-in testing tool. This tool tells you how your website would look in different browsers on a mobile device. It also allows you to check the same in different resolutions. You can easily check this tool by clicking on : Tools > Web Developer > Responsive Design View. This tool is very easy to use and therefore, it has become very popular.


Keynote DeviceAnywhere

Keynote DeviceAnywhere is one of the best tools to test your website on a mobile device. It allows you to test your website on many different mobile devices. The best part is that Keynote DeviceAnywhere allows you to use remote connection to real devices. As a result, it is not just an emulator. Moreover, it can also test many different applications, both native and HTML5 hybrid. However, this tool is not free. You can use a free trial, but you will have to pay for monthly subscriptions.

In order to make sure that your website gets popular, it is very important to test it for mobile devices. People are usually moving from one place to another and use mobile phones to stay connected. As a result, it is very important that your website looks good on a mobile device. You can easily use one of these tools to make sure that your website works perfectly on a mobile device.