So it’s 2012 and your website doesn’t have a responsive design. In that case you probably should be aware that approximately 20% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. In fact, over 55% of all cell phone users have phones with internet access.  If your website doesn’t have a responsive design users will struggle to access your website with a phone by having to constantly zoom in and zoom out.

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About Responsive Designs
Let’s go into a little more detail on exactly what a responsive design is. A responsive design is a website layout that automatically readjusts to the size of mobile or tablet devices. This way usability is much easier and improves website browsing, website ordering and just about everything else. Many platforms such as Word Press are great for using responsive designs. In fact, many websites such as Themeforest have a great selection of responsive designs that are just as easy to install as any other theme.


Yes, You Really do Need It
If you are a web master who gets regular traffic, you should mobilize your site immediately. If you don’t believe me, log into your Google Analytics account. Check your mobile traffic, I guarantee you will see a significant amount of your visitors coming from mobile devices. Also, take a look at your mobile bounce rate; it most likely will be higher than your pc user bounce rate. This may largely have to do with the lack of usability of your website on mobile devices.


Responsive Design Alternatives
In some cases, changing your website layout is just not an option. This could be due to extremely advanced back end development or stylistic features. You may also avoid changing your late out in fear of losing search engine rankings, although this doesn’t usually happen if you change your theme properly. However, another great resource is Duda Mobile. Duda Mobile allows you to create a mobile site that automatically sets up as a redirect from your current site for mobile users. So if someone on a phone visits your website they are automatically redirected to Duda Mobile also has some awesome features like click to call which allows visitors to press one button and their phone will start dialling your business.


No Excuses
With the options we outlined in this article, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t mobilize your website. Remember, mobile traffic is only going to INCREASE in time. If your website isn’t ready for this traffic you could be losing out on significant amounts of revenue.

Even Pcpedia does not have a responsive design but soon we are moving to WordPress and I hope the theme would be responsive.


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