Move over iPhone, a new competitor has stepped into the ring. Just over 3 months after being released, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has reached 20 million sales. This new version of the Galaxy has greatly increased in popularity from the Galaxy S2 model, and boasts intuitive features that are “designed for humans.”

Samsung Galaxy S3

Some of the highlighted features include integration into social networking, a smart keyboard, and the ability to know when you are looking at the screen. The popularity of this phone has also made accessories a highlight. While previous editions and many other smart phones have few accessories available, the selection of Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories rival that of the iPhone 4.

This phone allows for streamlining with social networking including Facebook. When browsing through your contacts, you can simultaneously view your friends’ social network statuses. This will allow for you to keep up to minute tabs on what is going on – without needing to be on the computer.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a new feature called a “Smart Keyboard”. This actually gets to know your typing pattern to better predict the intention of your messages. While auto-correct mistakes are extremely humorous, they tend to be funnier when they happen to someone else. Don’t become a victim of an inferior onscreen keyboard.

To better conserve battery as well as prevent frustration, the S3 also has a “Smart Stay” feature. This new innovation keeps the screen from going to sleep mode while you are looking at it. The phone can detect when you are using it, and therefore keep from dimming the background unnecessarily. This will allow you to read messages without having to continuously move the screen to keep it “awake.”

There are many Samsung Galaxy S3 cases available, making this phone fun to customize. This availability of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy, will also help to ensure your phone stays safe. Cases and accessories are not only important to give your phone personality, but to provide added protection in the event of a drop or accident. One of the previous benefits for Apple was the availability of iPhone 4 cases and accessories. Due to their market popularity, they dominated the accessory market allowing users the most options to customize their phones. Now, iPhone 4 accessories have a great competitor; and the growing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3, will continue to ensure accessories will be available.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has one more trick up its sleeve to ensure it will increase in popularity in the smartphone market—colors. The company plans to introduce additional colors to the line, allowing users more choices in their phones’ personality. Users find these customizations important and the iPhone 4 accessory choices has been one reason users gravitate toward Apple’s models. The ease in finding iPhone cases holds appeal to many users, and the Galaxy S3 is now enjoying this same benefit of popularity.

Samsung has proven once again it’s here to stay in the smartphone and tablet market. With the growing popularity of the Galaxy S3, it can be easily seen how their tablet will also increase in notoriety. This will lead to a growing trend of accessories for Samsung’s tablet, possibly rivaling the iPad accessories. These customizations are important to users and currently the iPad corners the market for accessories with iPad cases. Many users have chosen the iPad due to the ease in finding accessories, will the increasing popularity of the Galaxy S3 have a future impact on this choice? Only time and popularity will tell.

Author Bio:

Andre Smith writes reviews of latest smartphone and tablet trends such as unique iPad accessories or iPhone cases.