What do you usually use your iPad or iPhone for? Work? Yes. Talking to people? Yes. Surfing the internet? Yes. Listening to music? Yes. Okay, that’s fine for a normal person. But for a gamer like me, an iPhone or an iPad without any games is a sin. Yes, you can easily install few of the best games in the world on your favorite Apple device and enjoy it on the go! Does it get any more awesome? Surely not!


And what better way can there be than being able to enjoy the adrenaline gushing world of car racing when it comes to choice of video games on your iPhone and iPad? Yes, in case you didn’t believe what you just read, it is true that you can enjoy amazing graphics coupled with tremendous story lines and award winning gameplays all on your iPhone and iPad with these car racing games. Gone are the days when you needed to be around a PC or a gaming console if and when you felt the adrenaline rush to do some high speed racing. 
Here are 2 games that must be there on your iPhone and iPad:

Need For Speed Undercover

Need For Speed Undercover game for mobile

How awesome will it be when you can be an undercover cop in the big bad world of illegal street racing and make arrests and drive those sleek and costly rides at breakneck speeds? Well, it won’t be awesome and recommended if you are trying it in real life, but your iPhone and iPad can replace your real life with the Need For Speed Undercover game by giving you a near reality experience with this street car racing game.


You can enjoy the pleasure of driving few of the most exquisite vehicles on earth and that too in amazing locations all round the world. Couples the whole things with breakthrough graphics and breath taking gameplay and storyline and you have all the reasons on earth to rush to the appstore and get it today.


GT Racing Motor Academy

GT Racing

The GT Racing Motor Academy is undoubtedly one of the most fun games that you can have on your iPad or iPhone and though it doesn’t boast of the same level of graphic detail as other titles might, but the uniqueness of this game lies in the fact that it has amazing gameplay with an option to play in nearly 60 circuits all round the world. So now, with the GT Racing Motor Academy you can not only enjoy the adrenaline thrill of high speed racing but also get to travel the world sitting comfortably with your handheld Apple gadget.


The GT Racing Motor Academy also has an exquisite gameplay which concentrates on nothing but racing and some high speed versions of it. The graphics is shiny and bright and you will never grow tired of watching the new places, new tracks and new parts of the world, all thanks to the GT Racing Motor Academy game.


What are you waiting for? Log on to the appstore for these 2 games today and ensure that you have them installed at once.


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Brenda Lyttle is guest author who writes for Car Games 365.