You live your life by the mantra ‘I create, therefore I am’. You personalize and embellish everything you own and need apps to help you do the same in your digital life. A compulsive maker and doer, you’re ‘the arty one’ in your circle of friends. Keep your creative juices oozing with these apps.

Here’s the list of top 10 iPhone and iPad apps for Creative People.

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Blueprint won’t make apps for you, but it’ll do everything but. This app allows you to mock up interface designs for iOS apps without any technical knowledge at all. The app’s simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create multi-screen presentations – great for clueless clients and more technical dev partners alike. Even if you can put together an app the hard way this is a great tool for pinning ideas down before they blow through the jasmine in your mind and back out into the ether.


Acquire for Photoshop

Snap photos from your iDevice straight into the bowels of Adobe Photoshop with this nifty little app, which cuts the cord and sends your snaps to CS5 via the magic of Wi-Fi. Multiple device support is a very handy bonus.



This ‘reality sampler’ gives you a grid of 12 video clips to fill with whatever sounds you can dig up – and challenges you to create a beat with the samples, then share your work. You Tube plays host to some awesome remixes.


Storyboard Composer

Film students will get plenty out of this slick app, which will use photos you take on location and add virtual stand-in actors. Dolly in and out, track and pan around your images with ease. Now all you have to do is shoot the thing.



Looking for an intuitive way to paint on your iPad? One of the iPad’s best illustration apps, procreate is pretty similar to Sketchbook Pro (right), and both have convincing simulations of real-life painting techniques. The two are so well matched we can’t say which you’ll prefer – it’ll come down to the way you like to work. In technical terms, it’s tit for tat: procreate has more undo levels, but Sketchbook Pro uses a higher-res canvas. You may as well snag both and see which you prefer.



Not a serious 3D rendering app, but a quick way of creating 3D objects from square blocks. It’s a matter of choosing your colour, rotating your object and ‘painting’ your blocks directly on to the screen. A bit like virtual LEGO.



Uses the iPhone’s screen and camera to measure reflected light, creating a 3D model of your face, or whatever else you hold in front of the lens. Results tend to be a little grotesque, but that’s hardly surprising – so are you.



Ever been unable to identify that typeface? Just take a snap with WhatTheFont and this snappy typographical tester will separate your Helveticas from your Arials. But try not to show it too much Comic Sans. It doesn’t like it.


Art of Glow

No masterpieces here, but Art of Glow is an addictive little app. Select your brush and paint colour-cycling psychedelia, fireworks and neon graffiti with your own fingertips. A great app to let the kids mess about with.


Sketchbook Pro

If your illustrative talents are up toll, Sketchbook can produce some pretty impressive results. The iPad version uses the bigger screen to its advantage, with a higher-resolution canvas of up to 2043×1536 pixels and 12 layers.

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