Google’s speech recognition search is already a hit.If you notice the right search bar on pcpedia you find that it has a microphone option. You can just click on the mic icon and search for the desired content.This feature was limited to search boxes.

Chrome Dication app

The Indian blogger who inspired me to start blogging  Mr Amit Agarwal from has developed a project called Dication. Using this tool you can speak anything and it the app would write it for you.Now there is no need for your to type.

How to use dictation:

Click the big microphone icon to activate dictation mode and then talk anything your like
If at any point you make a mistake or Chrome makes an error in transcription then simply click the incorrect word and edit it inline.
Switch to a new line by saying new line” or  if you wish to make a fresh start just say delete everything 


  • Google Chrome Browser

Full source code is available at really loved it as its something new. Thanks to Amit for this awesome tool. Please leave your comments and let me know if your liked it

(Note: This post is written with an intention to share this tool with all my blog readers) : Image Credit: