Google owns all Blogspot blogs.They have the right to delete or suspended  it without notice, as its hosted on their servers.Now easily backup your entire blog with an easy to use software ‘blogger backup’.All your posts can be downloaded on your computer in no time.

Blogger backup utility

I have read so many threads in forums where people complain about their blog getting deleted without any notice. The main reason behind this is because people promote warez, illegal content,hacking tutorials etc which is not allowed as per the terms and conditions.

Essential Tools: 

Steps You Need To Follow

  • Download the above mentioned software and install it on the computer
  • Click on File –> New Settings
  • Under Available Blogs drop down list select [Add/Update/Remove Blog]
  • Enter your blogger id (i.e your G mail id) and password and then login
  • Select the blog from which you want to backup the posts
  • Click on backup posts
Check the below screenshot to get a better idea. If you have any doubts at anytime,just let me know using the comments below.
backup your blogger blog tutorial
backup your blogger post tutorial
Do not wait for blogger to eat your blog or for something bad to happen. Take necessary steps to back and save your posts as they are your assets.Its takes time and effort to publish quality and killer articles. I hope the above tutorial will help you. I will share some more tools in my future posts.
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