Creating Fake Facebook Conversation or Faking a Conversation using Fakeconvos

Everyone on Facebook tries their best to create a unique status update that would get them more likes,comments etc.Recently on pcpedia an article on “Update Facebook Status Via Device” where you can update your status using fake iPhone,iPad,Blackberry etc. In this article lets see on how to create fake facebook conversations.You don’t need any complex editing tool to do this. Once you read the entire article it would seem as a piece of cake for you.

Fake Facebook is that awesome application that will blow your mind. Once your status is published on Facebook your friends will go nuts and will surely comment. The interface is really user friendly. You can even add images of celebrities,politicians or even terrorists here. This application would only publish when you ask it to update status,There won’t be any automatic status updates that would spam your wall.

Fake facebook Status update by osama and obama

How to Create Fake Facebook Conversations ?

  • Login with your Facebook account and click on ‘create fake convo’
  • Type the Name of the commenter
  • Browse for an appropriate image – You can choose images from their library or Google images
  • Images would be cropped automatically,So you don’t have to waste time editing images
  • Add a comment and click on Add to stream
  • Once you create a fake conversation.Click on save to publish on your profile or take a screenshot of the image and post it on your wall

For your convenience i have created a video so that you can get a general idea about the tool. 

I hope this article proved useful to you.Please let me know about your friends reaction when you posted a fake convo on your wall. Use the commenting system below.