An SEO contest is one in which the organizers choose a keyword or keyphrase that has never been used online before. The challenge to the contestants is to get their sites to the top of the search results for this unusual word or phrase.

Since the phrase being optimized for is totally unique and new to the search engines, getting to the top of the search results can be an effective test of a webmaster’s SEO prowess. 
SEO Contest and how to rank better
Such contests are completely platform agnostic. They are open to everyone, whether they use a Mac, PC or a tablet device such as the iPad. However, there are strict rules in such contests. 
Some of these rules include the following:
  1. No questionable or “black hat” optimization methods are allowed.
  2. None of the contest operators or organizers are allowed to participate as contestants.
  3. No keyword or website spamming is allowed.
  4. Cloaking and/or keyword stuffing are strictly prohibited.
In addition, such contests are usually run under a strict timeframe and with an absolute deadline.
Want to participate in a SEO contest? Here are some tips to help you rank better. (They will help your SEO whether you join a contest or not.)
  1. Try to obtain an older domain rather than a new one to optimize, since search engines may rank it better.
  2. Avoid adding the contest phrase to your page too much, say 10 times or more, since you could be penalized for keyword stuffing.
  3. Make good use of meta-tags in your contest page including keywords, title, robots tag and description.
  4. Make proper use of H1 , H2, and H3 tags; your keyword should be included in the H1 tag.
  5. Be sure to add plenty of fresh and unique content to your page, as this is favored by the search engines.
  6. Remember that winning such contests is not all about on-page SEO. A large part of your success will come through the backlinks you build from successful and relevant websites.
  7. Be sure your site contains a site map.
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