Backup is important in case your iPhone crashes. If you have not backed up your data, files and information, you could end up losing so much that is irretrievable. There are a number of iPhone back up apps that allow you to store your data and information remotely. New backup apps are constantly being created by utility software and app developing companies. Currently some of the best online backup iPhone apps are iCloud, Dropbox among others



This is an iPhone app that backs up your documents in a cloud. A cloud is a remote server that can be accessed to or from your iPhone using various supported iOS devices. Some of the advantages of using iCloud is that it is free, you are able to backup all your documents, files and data of any kind on a remote server which you can access anytime and you can also restore the stored data onto your iPhone. You are also able to get access to iTunes Match so that you don’t have to store all your music in your phone.


Sugar Sync is another iPhone backup app that uses storage in the cloud. You are able to store and sync all your documents, photo and videos and you can access them anywhere and anytime that you need to. One of the advantages of using SugarSync is that you can use other apps while you simultaneously stream all your music using SugarSync, you can also share or move or delete files from your computer using your iPhone. You can download files and folders and you can view photos from your computer.


DropBox is another iPhone backup app that is pretty popular.This app is free and it allows you to save your documents and media files inclusive of photos and videos on your computer, iPhone, iPad and on the DropBox website. This means that you can access your files and documents from any place and on any device in case you lose your iPhone or iPad because you files and documents are in the Dropbox website. Some other advantages of DropBox are that you can save any attachments on email straight to your DropBox, you can share documents and files with other people and you can add some files to Favorites so that you can access them quickly while you are offline


Mozy enables you to backup your data from your computer and you can access this data anytime on your mobile phone. This app is easy to use, is social friendly and it also supports security details such as encryption for added security of your files and documents.


Skydrive allows you to access and view all the files and documents you have put on back up, you can also view shared documents and files, you can check the most recent documents and you are able to choose multiple photos and videos and then upload from your phone.

It is important that you backup your documents and files in case you lose your iPhone or something else happens that will enable you to lose your data.

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