Bose SEI2 Headphones

Bose SEI2 Headphones:

Bose has released Bose SEI2 Headphones to be the durable successor of the popular MEI2 headphones. Many people may remember the MEI2 headphones because were some of the first headphones to set the precedence for high quality craftsmanship and sound for mid-range priced in ear headphones. These new headphones offer the same quality, but with a twist, they are sport headphones that are meant to offer superior performance to runners and workout enthusiasts alike.


The new headphones are called the Bose SEI2 Headphones , but they also have options of including a microphone to be used with the iPhone (that model being called the SEI2i). These headphones only come in two colors right now, but with the color choices being neon green or neon orange, they fit the current trend for runners to wear incredibly bright colors.


Bose SEI2 HeadphoneSome of the features that make them appealing to the physically active include:


Stay Hear Tips that allow the headphones to stay in place during even the most vigorous of activities, including running, weight lighting, and some even use them for cross fit!

Hydrophobic Coverings on both of the headphones means that you never have to worry about sweat or weather running the headphones; they are built to last in all conditions.

-The Reebok Fitness Armband that comes free with a purchase of these headphones will house most of the current iPod’s and Phones that are popular right now.


As the reviews continue to roll in on the Bose SEI2 Headphones, they are continuing to receive great reviews from most users. The still offer the sound and quality that people have come to except from Bose, but now they are perfect for any workout!


So, did you like the new headphones from Bose? I’m planning to buy them for my daily workout. What about you?