computer is becoming obsolete for gamingThe worst possible thing that can happen to any PC gamer is to be stuck with a computer that doesn’t meet the requirements of his/her favorite game.

Unfortunately, with the quick turnover in computer technology, this scenario is a common occurring theme amongst gamers.

The only way that you can stay on top of ever-changing computer technology and to make sure that your computer can handle modern games, is to stay aware of your computer’s performance in relation to your favorite games. By noticing when your computer first starts to become obsolete for gaming, you will have a larger window of opportunity to make the necessary changes.


The following is a list of seven warning signs that your computer is becoming obsolete for gaming . Should you notice any of these signs, it is likely time for a new system, or to make some upgrades to your current one.


1 – You Notice a Drop in Frame Rate

Perhaps the easiest way to tell whether or not your computer is becoming obsolete for gaming is to note the kind of frame rate you are getting while you play. And, although a drop in frame rate can mean a lot of things—especially if it’s just a temporary drop—it’s often a sign that your hardware is becoming less adequate for handling modern PC games.

Fortunately, aging hardware doesn’t necessarily require that you have to go out and get a whole new system.

If you are feeling up to the task, you can always upgrade your computer one component at a time. By doing this, you will avoid the high cost that comes with purchasing a new system and you will keep your computer performing at a high level for a longer period of time.


2 – Your Computer Can Be Put Together for Less than Half of What it Cost You to Get It

One sure way to tell whether or not your computer is becoming obsolete is to go to a site that sells individual components. There you can check and see how much each part in your computer is currently selling for…

Does the total of all of your components add up to less than half of what you paid for your system?

If so, it’s probably time to look into making some upgrades… or depending on the state of your current computer, you may want to consider getting an entirely new computer.


3 – The Latest Games Automatically Set Your Video Settings to Medium or Low

A common feature amongst today’s games is the automatic-video-setting-detect function. This function automatically detects your computer’s hardware and sets your games video settings accordingly.

If your games are automatically being set to medium and low settings for newer games when they used to play other games fine on high settings, this is more than likely a warning sign that your computer is becoming obsolete…


4 – You Can’t Play the Latest Games

Modern games are built to accommodate the latest computer technology. The minimum requirements that each game developer sets forth for their game are not usually recommended for playing on… they’re merely just what will get you by.

So, if you can’t even meet the minimum requirements, then you are definitely in trouble. This is more a sign that your computer is obsolete, rather than it is a sign that your computer is becoming obsolete.


5 – Your Processor is more than Two Generations Behind Current Technology

Gordon Moore was famous for predicting that the number of transistors in processors would double approximately every two years. He made this prediction in 1970… and for the most part, it has been dead on. This is called “Moore’s Law.”

So, in essence, if your computer is more than two generations behind current processing technology, you can bet that it will become completely obsolete within the next two years.


6 – You Can’t Run the Same Number of Necessary Programs While You’re Gaming

For serious gamers, it is extremely necessary and beneficial to run multiple third-party programs while you game. These third-party programs assist the gamer with in-game related tasks. Without these programs, the gamer would lose his/her competitive edge.

If your computer is having increasing difficulty running both your background programs and your game at the same time when it used to be able to do so without any trouble, it’s probably likely that your computer is just not powerful enough anymore.


7 – Your Parents Just Bought a New Computer… And it Can Handle Your Favorite Games Better than Yours Can…

This one is more of an insult than anything else. You can bet that if your parents—who may or may not be technologically versed—have a computer that is better suited to play your favorite games than yours can, that your computer is pretty outdated.

Our parents don’t really need a computer that is capable of playing the latest games. They just need a computer that can complete ordinary tasks. So, if their computer performs better than yours does, you can take it as a big warning sign that your computer is way behind the times…


What You Can do If Your Computer is Not Performing the Way You Want it To

If your computer is slowly becoming less and less efficient while running your favorite games, you will more than likely want to do something about it. Fortunately, there are three different things that you can do to ensure that you reverse your declining in-game performance…


  • The first thing you can do is buy a new computer. However, buying a new computer just starts the process all over again and is generally the most expensive option.
  • You can build your own gaming computer. By choosing your own parts and assembling your own good gaming computer, you can save yourself some money and you will gain the knowledge of how to upgrade your components in the future. This is perhaps the best option.
  • You can upgrade your computer. Upgrading your computer is also as equally good of an option as it is to build your computer from scratch. A lot of the time, a simple upgrade to your processor, video card, or memory—or to a combination of the three—can do enough to get you gaming at high levels again.


Anyone of these three options will get you back ahead of the curve. However, we strongly recommend the latter two options as they have the added long-term benefits that come with knowing how to upgrade your own computer.

In any case, if your computer is starting to slow down, or if it’s not quite performing as well as it used to, the best time to act is now. That way, you won’t get stuck with a computer that is completely obsolete for gaming for any period of time.