Are you always worried about your loved ones? Do you find it hard to trust others? Need to keep an eye over someone who seemed suspicious? Ever fancied being a spy?

Your Android phones might provide you an answer. Modern technology never fails to prove their worth. Recent developments came up with really cool software to satisfy your spying needs with the use of an Android Spy Software.

Once installed, the Android Spy Software lets you monitor and track a person using their own Android phone. Your targets will not even know they are being discreetly spied on. Every activity is basically monitored. Examples of this kind of software are SpyBubble, StealthGenie, Mobistealth.These are widely available in the market.

 Android Spy Software

What are the features of Android Spy Software?


With the Android Spy software, you can:

  • Track the location of a person or to where he or she had been
  • Listen to real time conversations on their phone
  • Check their call logs, who called them or who has been called and the duration
  • Have a copy of the messages, whether it was sent or received, even if they have already been erased
  • Monitor the web activity of the phone, check the sites they visited and read their emails
  • Access multimedia files, may it be photos, videos, or audio files and recordings
  • Track phone numbers who has contacted the Android phone

All these information is retrieved via email. With these features, you will be able to effectively spy on someone without worrying of being caught or finding resources to pay for a private investigator.


Why is this software important?

Today’s fast-paced and on-the-go society leave individuals worrying too much. They worry about safety, security, finances, work, romantic relationships and many other things. Android Spy Software can lift these worries. The following are scenarios where this spying tool can be of important use.


1.   Family Concerns

The picture of a family nowadays, is not the typical one. Both parents now work for a living. Most often than not, children are left unsupervised in their activities, especially teenagers.

Teenagers undergo through the so-called “wild child” stage. Spying on them can assure parents that their teens are not up to something that may put in them in serious peril.

The spy software can at least ease up the worries of parents regarding the welfare of their child. It is as if they are beside their children all the time. This software is essentially for all people who care for their family’s best interests and safety.


2.   Business Interests

If you are a businessman and you want to keep an eye over some suspicious employees, then, this software might just be what you need.

Most business firms issue mobile phones to employees for strict business purposes of course. With the spy software, you can now monitor if the device is being used properly. You can also supervise the work even if you are not there with them. You get to see who does their job properly and those who are sloppy and those who spent more time checking their accounts on various online networking sites like Facebook and Twitter than time in working.

Furthermore, you can also keep tabs on the different department heads especially in the finance department. You wouldn’t want an employee under the finance department who is up to something like loads of cash for selfish reasons.


3.   Matters of the Heart

Trust is the pillar and foundation of a relationship. However, it is also pretty hard to earn. The spy software can help in this regard. Moreover, if you think that your partner is cheating on you, this spy software is for you.

With a virtual spy, you can affirm your suspicions. You can catch your partner red handed with his or her affair. You will have ample evidence to break up with your partner and hence, you have just saved yourself from heartache.

On the other hand, you can also disprove your suspicions. You can ascertain that he or she is indeed faithful and have no intention of cheating on you. You will have confirmation that your relationship is worth trying and will hopefully last.