Have you ever thought of using android privacy apps? In the digital era where smartphones and computers have become an integral part of human lives, cybersecurity and data privacy has caught its attention among digital users. On smartphones, we keep our personal information and details including contacts, emails, photos, bank details, and passwords. With a slew of hacks and data breaches resulting in identity theft reported across the globe, secured web surfing has become a need of an hour.

If any of our personal information is compromised, then it would surely take us to a zone of stress and worry. To beat this issue and make your digital experience hack-proof, there are several Android privacy apps available on Google Play. Some of them are free to use, while some of them charge nominal subscription fees. We have listed down five best Android privacy apps that would make your smartphone safe, secure and hack-proof.

List of the best Android privacy apps

Express VPN

If you are a browsing maniac, then Express VPN is a great mobile App for your Android smartphone. With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed, you would be able to hide and secure your digital activities from hackers and surveillance agencies.

It is strictly designed for privacy-conscious smartphone users. The App would make your data transmissions more private and secure even on Wi-Fi networks. Similarly, ProtonVPN is another App that would prepare a shield for your all web activities.


If you browse the internet a lot, and fear of getting your surfing history leaked or breached, then it is time for you to install DuckDuckGo App immediately. It is the internet browser that automatically blocks hidden third-party trackers, concealing your browsing behavior on regular basis. DuckDuckGo App gives you the freedom to search or browse anything on the Internet privately.


It has been repeatedly reported that most of the online search engines including Google use our browsing patterns, stores data and deliver us high targeted advertisements and personalized recommendations. Such algorithms are applied within Gmail too. Not only Gmail, but several other popular email providers also are not end-to-end encrypted. To keep this issue at bay, ProtonMail is a secure way of sharing e-mails. The App allows users to send password-protected emails and messages which get expired after a certain period of time. On this App, all messages are encrypted and secure.

SmartApp Lock

SmartApp Lock is a perfect Android Privacy App if you have a kid at your home or a younger sibling who uses your smartphone extensively for playing games. It has been often seen that kids unintentionally tap and delete important Apps or files from your smartphone. Installing the SmartApp Lock will help you not to experience such incidences. It allows you to keep a password for all browsers, files, social media and photos/videos.

LastPass Password Manager

We have a habit of using passcode and password for each smartphone application, be it social media, or photos or even phone calls. Sometimes, we have a habit of keeping the same password for multiple apps. Plain negligence can allow hackers to get into your password which means that all your social media and email accounts are a privacy risk. To secure your passwords, LastPass is a perfect Android App that secures and manages your passwords. Lastpass allows users to create and maintain non-hackable and unique passwords for all types of apps and sites on your smartphone.

There are a few more ways to search securely like proxies, Incognito modes, understanding how cookies work etc.  These are mostly used on computers but for Android, do make sure you check out the above-mentioned apps.