With e-commerce fast becoming a cliché associated with the last century, m-commerce, or mobile commerce, is springing up as the new trend in conducting business and interacting with customers. A business just isn’t cool enough if it can’t be reached through a Smartphone.

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As a result, goesAPP opens new avenues for businesses by helping them make their own Android app in the easiest and most user-friendly way. Here are the top 3 exciting reasons why one should try goesAPP:

1. goesAPP is Fast.

Taking less than two minutes, goesAPPlets businesses create and customize their Android app using nothing but a website or a web-page (for example, a Facebook page). Clients can add exciting functions like, “Text Me” or “Watch a Video” to personalize their app to match their taste.

2.goesAPP is Free.

Lucky for small and medium businesses, goesAPP is completely free for life. This means firms can tap the lucrative mobile user market without scraping up their not-so-deep pockets.

3.goesAPP Engages.

Using innovative features like push notifications, app display in Google Play Android Market and direct shortcut to the website, goesAPP helps businesses get in touch with their customers on a more personal level. It enables businesses to contact users by sending out announcements and users to reciprocate, leading to higher traffic on the website and, thus, higher sales.

 Note: GoesAPP is not longer active.