The PDF file format is at the same time one of the most convenient file types and one of the most frustrating. On one end of the spectrum, it is compact, universal and easy to share, but on the other side, it is hard – sometimes impossible – to edit. Because of this, there are many web-based and desktop software solutions available for both converting PDFs into other more editable formats and converting various types of documents into universal and compact PDFs.

However, users around the world are increasingly using mobile devices for manipulating their documents, not only their desktop and portable computers. This created a need for modifying and managing business and personal documents on the go. That also includes PDFs. To make this possible, it is necessary to have appropriate mobile utilities for on-the-go PDF conversion and creation purposes. Fortunately, mobile PDF apps have already been developed for both Android and iOS powered tablets and smartphones have been developed.


The best part is that there are even completely and truly free mobile PDF apps such as:

All three apps are available for both Apple and Android users and despite being free, come with a serious set of features, including advanced conversion technology similar to what Investintech offers in its professional desktop software.

Here are three major benefits of these using mobile PDF apps:

  1. The apps are incredibly easy to use: Firstly, the interface is very sleek and minimal. It will not let you get lost even if you try. On top of that, the conversion process is incredibly simplistic and it only takes you two taps of your phone to get the conversion started.

  2. They are also very resource efficient: When you send a file to be converted using one of these apps, the conversion is being processed online using Investintech’s powerful servers. This means that the app is not doing any of the work, which is good news for your phone or tablet’s battery and functionality.

  3. There are no privacy issues to worry about: Many online conversion services ask for your email information; these apps do not. There is no need to log in to anything. Simply download the apps and start using them. All of your original documents will be deleted from the server after 24 hours and your converted files will be downloaded to your phone. They will be located within the app’s file list, from which they can be shared with others, sent to another app or deleted by the user at any time.

And that’s not all. The best way to discover other benefits of any of the above PDF conversion apps for both iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets is to download one or all of them and give them a spin. And then feel free to share in comments your favorite feature!