In-order to setup Gmail with step 2 verification on Nokia lumia you will need an application specific password. This password is a one time password generated by gmail. Instead of using the normal password, you will now have to use the application specific password.


Today, I will help you setup gmail account on your Nokia lumia. Just before we begin, keep in mind that the application specific password are shown only once hence make a note of it.


How do we generate application specific password for Nokia Lumia?


  • Login to your gmail account and click on your profile icon on the top right corner


Gmail Profile

  • Click on privacy and then select security on the left hand side


  • Find ‘Authorizing applications and sites’ and click Edit


Authorizing applications and sites in Gmail


  • Login again with your password to verify your account


  • Under application specific passwords ,findΒ  ‘ Step 1 of 2: Generate new application-specific password ‘


Generate application specific password


  • Enter the name of the program for which you are creating the password and click on generate password


Application specific password

  • Copy the password in a notepad


Steps to Setup Gmail with Step 2 verification on Nokia Lumia 710/800/900


setup gmail with step 2 verification


  • Tap the ‘settings’ title on the start screen
  • Go to email+ accounts
  • Tap ‘add an account’ and select Google
  • Enter your gmail username (email address) and the application specific password that you copied in the notepad
  • Click on sign in. Now your Nokia lumia will start synchronizing and within seconds you will view all your emails flowing in.


If you have any doubts or if you encounter any problems while setting up email do let me know via comments. I would be posting more such tutorials on Nokia Lumia shortly, Stay tuned.