On  Kennedy Space Center’s 50th birthday, Google released the street view of Kennedy Space Center.Its is the  largest and special Street View Collection till date. I am in love with the street view since it was launched. Now we have more reasons to excited about.

Google Maps


“Countless enthusiasts (including this one) grew up longing to see a space shuttle up close and walk in the paths of astronauts. Google mentioned it on their Lat-Long Blog

From the available  images that you can view online are   space shuttle launch pad, VehicleAssembly Building and LaunchFiring Room #4, Top view of the launch padVehicle Assembly Building ,Space shuttle Engines.  Visitors can now have a close look at two of the space shuttles Atlantis and endeavor     
Watch the video:

I would like to thank Google and Nasa for such an awesome collaboration. Its really inspiring and would surely inspire young kids.  Gone are the days when kids used to dream about an astronaut. Thanks to the Google street view. Dream is now a Reality!!!
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