When Google  is your best friend, Its essential to master in Google Search. The key to appropriate search results are smart search queries. Using this slideshow you can get your online PhD in Googling. You need to understand the basics of Google search. I have seen people typing their questions directly in Google search. Sometimes the questions would be personal or irrelevant and they end up unhappy searching when they don’t get the results.

This slideshow will help people who don’t know how to search properly in Google. If you are a good Googler then this slideshow won’t be of much help but still its cool

Below are some of my Favorite Google search tips.

To find a specific document type, Just type filetype:txt or filetype:ppt and then file name.   For example filetype:ppt Samuel L. Jackson will find powerpoint presentations on  Samuel L. Jackson

Filetype PPT
If you add a tilde symbol before the search term, Google will search similar words. For example ~Kitten will also search cat, kitty etc.  The  asterisk * symbol will act as wild card and then find the best possible matches. The – sign can be used to exclude type of websites as well

secrets of tilt and asterisk

This slideshow interests me more as its a visual demonstration of some of the advanced Google operators.  I think its better than the infographics.  This slide show will serve as step by step guide for beginner searchers .


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