Apple recently released its iOS 6 operating system for just about every iPhone user out there. It’s a nice surprise for iPhone users because they get to experience the newest version of the software without having to buy the new iPhone 5.The new iPhone 5 is a great device, but if your iPhone 4S can get iOS 6, maybe you can hold out a bit longer for the 5.

But is everyone 100 percent satisfied with iOS 6? Not exactly.


So What’s the Deal?

Apple has been in the process of phasing out anything to do with Google. It makes complete sense, because Google owns Android, and Android is Apple’s number one competitor in the smartphone world. And while it makes total sense from a business standpoint, there comes a time when you need to think about your users above all else, including money, because it’s the users who are giving you that money.

I’m talking about Apple Maps. Apple Maps looks pretty sweet at a first glance, but when you compare it to Google Maps, the king of map apps, you can’t help but say “wow, that Apple Maps app sucks.” .Aople maps struggles against Google maps

And I’ll tell you why: Google Maps has a better UI, is faster, is smoother, and is smarter with directions and searches. In addition, you’ll also find that Google Maps hasw a more functional design than Apple Maps. Not only that, but also plots points for walking, driving, and transit directions.

Oh, and if you want to use transit in Apple Maps, it takes you to a third-party app to do so. That sounds like everything, right? Yeah, pretty much.


What Did Experts Find?

Gawker recently compared the two apps, and while Apple Maps was still good, it wasn’t near as good as Google Maps was. In one instance, Gawker searched for Heathrow, which is an international airport. While Google Maps knew exactly what they were talking about, Apple Maps thought they were talking about Heathrow, Florida.

So Google Maps has more common sense than Apple Maps, as is evident here. If Apple wants to get everyone to stop using Google Maps, this isn’t going to work out.

Back to the drawing board, Apple.

BleepingTech noticed an interesting account on twitter.Someone was so upset with iOS6 maps that he got his account suspended 😀 @iOS 6 Maps