We know iPads can access the Internet, take crystal clear pictures, and play music, movies, and TV shows with the touch of a button. But there are many other hidden features. Here are 10 other things you may be surprised to learn your iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Minis can also do.

1. Access Your Home Computer from Anywhere

Using the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) software iTeleport, iPad users can access their home computers to start and stop downloads, get files, and email documents from anywhere in the world. There’s even a way to wake up your sleeping computer before accessing it using “Wake on LAN” apps like iNet Wol that communicate between the routers in your iPad and computer.

2. Respond to Special Gestures

Want to easily find a recently used app without activating the multitasking bar? Quickly return to the home screen without pressing the home button? Reveal the multitasking bar with just one touch instead of two? No problem! Simply swipe four of your fingers left and right on the screen to toggle between apps you’ve used, pinch four fingers together to immediately go back to the home screen, and swipe four fingers up to access the multitasking bar.

3. Make (Conference) Calls

Set up conference calls quickly and easily using apps like Line2, which enable you to not only use your iPad for voice communication but also see the names, faces, and phone numbers of people on any call – making for a super informative calling experience.

4. Shake Away Errors

Deleting unwanted text can be a pain. Make your life easier by taking advantage of iPad’s shake feature. To remove unwanted text from an email or other text area, just shake your iPad and an “Undo Typing” option will pop up. If after deleting the text you decide you’d like it back, shake the iPad again and a “Redo Typing” option will pop up.

5. Private Browsing

Keep your web activity off the record by enabling private browsing. Just launch the Settings app and tap on “Safari.” Then under “Privacy Setting” turn the “Private Browsing” switch “On.”

6. Split the Keyboard in Half

For those who desire more ergonomic typing, split the keyboard in half by swiping two fingers across it, or by tapping and holding the keyboard button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen and selecting the “Split” option from the menu.

Once the keyboard is split, you can also take advantage of invisible keys, which are perfect for one-handed typers.

7. Support Premium Video Games

Premium-quality gaming, which at one point was only available on consoles and PCs, can now be enjoyed on your iPad. Download games like Grand Theft Auto III and XCOM: Enemy Unknown as easily as you would Candy Crush or Temple Run.

8. Big Screen Video Output

Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adaptor and AirPlay (for Apple TV) let you watch and enjoy iPad video content on larger screens. If using AirPlay (and everything is on one WiFi network) you have the added convenience of being able to use your iPad as a remote to control music and video – just download Apple’s free Remote app and you’ll be good to go.

9. Guided Access

Keep children from accessing certain apps and features by enabling Guided Access. Simply go to “Settings”, select “General”, then “Accessibility”, and turn the “Guided Access” switch “On.” Once this is complete, click the home button three times in any app you want to use Guided Access for and select the buttons you don’t want clicked.

10. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Your iPad can respond to more keyboard shortcuts than just “double-space for a period.” Customize your own shortcuts by going to “Settings”, “General”, “Keyboard, and “Add New Shortcut.” Enter the word or phrase you’d like to shorten, key in your preferred shortcut, and press “Save.” Now every time you enter your shortcut, the longer phrase will appear.

The iPad remains a popular tablet option because of its range of functionality. Maximize your experience by learning about its features – both the better and lesser known ones. You’ll be amazed at what it can do!