Good reasons why iPod is better than other mp3 players

Listening music on the go has become pretty much a norm for everyone irrespective of their gender, profession or age. When you set out to purchase a decent MP3 player that offers performance, style and convenience, most folks would simply suggest an Apple iPod. So, what really sets Apple iPod apart from MP3 players offered by Sony, Creative and other manufacturers? The fact is that most iPod users cannot even answer this question definitively but here are some good reasons why iPod stands head and shoulders above its competition:


Top 5 Reasons why iPod is better than other mp3 players


Storage Space

Storage space is perhaps the first feature that users look for when purchasing a new MP3 player because no matter how stylish and fast a device may be but lack of good storage space can overshadow all other features. Luckily, Apple iPod comes in a wide range of storage space ranging from 2GB to 160GB. iPod Classic is perhaps the best choice in terms of storage space as it even comes in a 160GB version while the latest iPod Touch is available in 32GB version. Microsoft Zune MP3 Player offers the toughest competition to iPod in terms of storage space as it comes in 120GB version but still iPod is the clear leader.


Seamless Integration with iTunes

No music buff needs an introduction to Apple’s iTunes that contains over 6 million music tracks and offers the easiest and cheapest way of purchasing songs on the internet in a perfectly legal way. Apple iPod is considered to be so much more superior to its rivals mainly because it offers the best and totally seamless integration with iTunes software. The latest Apple iPod Touch puts iTunes at the distance of a mere tap of a finger.


Shuffle Feature

The ‘shuffle’ feature is an exclusive privilege that only iPod users can enjoy. This particular feature is amazingly simple where your iPod will play any random music track stored in the device after you simply shake it. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Except for Apple iPod Shuffle, all models of iPod offer this feature. Are you worried your iPod might play an audio book next time you shake it? Well, the good news is that the iPod is intelligent enough to distinguish between music tracks and audio books and only makes a random pick out of music files stored on it when you use the ‘shuffle’ feature.



iCloud is an amazing new features available on Apple gadgets including iPod Touch. iCloud is so special because it allows you to store songs, videos and create documents to be accessed later on via your iPad or Mac desktop computer.



This is one of the main benefits of Apple iPod that is associated with every Apple product. Like other Apple gadgets, iPod also boasts of exclusivity in a number of ways. Starting off with its design, Apple iPod is available in beautifully neat designs and the latest iPod Touch is the first touchscreen MP3 player that has it all. Different iPod models especially iPod Nano and iPod Touch are also available in an array of delightful colors. iOS fans also naturally prefer iPod over other MP3 players because it offers an easy and delightful interface.