For a long time Apple has been lauded as a great inventive force, coming up with new ideas that sell extremely well and then doing it all over again. However, there is evidence coming to light that Apple might have stolen the majority of their inventions. As the accusations added up through the years it has become impossible to ignore that a lot of Apple products look and function suspiciously like products that other people invented.


Apple holds a huge share of the market for computers over $1000– 66 percent. At one point, before the roll-out of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, there was a question of whether Apple would even survive in the computer business. Now it holds this huge market share and sells products from MP3 players to tablets, all of which may have come from other inventors who are not being credited. Will Apple keep stealing ideas? Probably, at least until they can’t get away with it anymore.

'Where Apple Products Really Came From