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How To Turn Your iMac Into a Touchscreen

Apple has revolutionized the world of touch-screens. Their iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad today synonymous with touch screen but their legendary iMac all-in-one PC do not offer this option so they are far behind from the competition of the milieu PC.

TMDTouch Company has concluded that it does not make sense to wait a few more years to get even the appearance of iMac computers with a touch screen and has produced a system called Zoro Macsk, which basically is a framework-mask that can be easily attached to the iMac and then into a USB slot and a few seconds later  screen of iMac turns into a touch screen. Since Zorro Macsk has support for the PNP (plug’n’play), to use you don’t need to install any drivers and all

Using iMac with Zorro Macsk is exactly the same as on all other touch screens, finger gestures, you can open and close programs, zoom and rotate images, write on a virtual keyboard, play and even draw with your fingers. Zorro Macsk comes in three colors, pink, silver and black, and you can buy it for $ 199 via Amazon. It should be noted that currently produces only 21-inch iMacs, but soon will appear and a version for 27-inch.

The Zorro Macsk touchscreen does not require drivers or software to run. You can install it in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Place the protective screen to the iMac screen.

Step 2: Hold the Zorro Macsk touchscreen and let it attach to the iMac completely.

Step 3: Plug the USB cable of Zorrom Masck touchscreen into the back of the iMac screen.

Step 4: Wait about 10 seconds and then you get a Touchscreen iMac.

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Currently Available Colors At Amazon

  1. Silvery Style Zorro Macsk — Touch Screen for Imac 21.5″
  2. Black Style Touch Screen for Imac 21.5″