iOS-6-WiFi-connectivity problems



Things have not been going well with Apple’s new operating system, the iOS 6, since it was released. Compounding the situation is the immediate release of the iPhone 5 into the hands of millions of consumers. According to reports, 60 percent of iPhone and nearly 40 percent of iPad owners got their hands on the upgraded software.


Consumers expressed their dissatisfaction in numerous forum discussions. In two major Wi-Fi threads in the Apple Support communities, for instance, complaints from users total over 150 pages. Majority of the users said that their Wi-Fi option is grayed out thus keeping them from getting access to the feature. After trying out the usual fixes such as reinstalling iOS 6, resetting the phone, and asking for a replacement unit, all their efforts went for naught as the problem persists.


The problem with iOS 6 said that users first ran into Wi-Fi issues after the initial release of the operating system seeing that their Wi-Fi option was grayed out. The issue was traced back to an offline Apple Web page which ensures a no-log in Wi-Fi connection. Apple simply restored the page to fix the issues. But it was not the case.


The problem did not affect other users as they had no problem connecting through Wi-Fi making the problem more difficult to decipher. This only means that there could be other factors that come into play and not just the new operating system.


iOS 6 is not the only one that is getting a lion’s share of complaints but also the iPhone 5. Among the issues include scrapes and scratches along the edges, static lines on the keyboard upon logging on, light leaks behind the front display, and a purple halo effect on certain photos. The most recent issue being the Apple Maps causing confusion among users in the form of misplaced locations, lost cities, and other flaws.


Apple had been mum about most of the complaints although marketing chief Phil Schiller said that the scrapes and scratches were “normal” for aluminum products. But when it comes to the maps issue, the company seems to be serious in trying to fix the issue. An anonymous Apple executive told a reporter of the New York Times said that they will devote much time and manpower to fix the Maps problem.