You have an iPhone and you want to provide your devices with Internet access (especially your iPad)? No problems. In order to do that you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone and a special app that will turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi spot any place you like. Sounds interesting? Then let’s begin.


Step 1. Make a jailbreak



You can find many ways to jailbreak your iPhone on the Internet. If you don’t want to do that by yourself, you may ask people who have already done that. So I won’t tell the procedure of jailbreak here. After the jailbreak you need to launch Cydia app ( After the first launch the app will ask you how you would like to register: user, hacker or developer. I think that for most users, especially for those who are not very used to hacking and moding, “user” will be the best variant. After that you’ll get access to the shop.


Step 2. Search for the app



Click on the “search” icon in the right top corner of Cydia interface and type “MyWi”. Then choose the program from the search results.


Step 3. Meet the MyWi

MyWi is an iOS application that allows sharing 3G iPhone communications among other devices, such as iPad, MacBook, and even Apple TV. The program is distributed only via Cydia shop and costs 19.99$ (though you’ll have 3 days of free trial). In order to buy the app you’ll need your Amazon or PayPal account. After verification of your copy and installation, your iPhone will reboot. But don’t panic – everything goes according to a plan.


Step 4. Creating of an access point

Creating of a wifi spot


After the reboot launch MyWi. You’ll see the window with the settings. In order to create a Wi-Fi spot you need to turn on “WiFi Hotspot” setting. The name of the network by default will be the same as the name of the iPhone when connecting to iTunes. As soon as the access point is activated you’ll see a blue line in the upper part of a screen, which will signal you about connection activity and about channel bandwidth.


Step 5. Internet surfing

MyWi settings


After creating Wi-Fi hotspot it’s high time to connect other devices to the network and reap the fruits of your labor. Open the utility for managing wireless networks and choose the connection with the name of your iPhone.


Congratulations! Now you can surf, chat, download and do whatever you usually do on the Internet. Advanced users may be interested in more detailed MyWi settings. They’ll find the options for protecting your network with a password, for changing Wi-Fi channels, etc.


It’s important! Jailbreak of your iPhone automatically cancels your warranty, and creating of Wi-Fi hotspot may breach your agreement with your provider. So you do everything at your own risk.