2012 was a big year for Facebook, not only did they announce plans for a search engine based within their platform, they also launched the UK’s first social network real-money gaming app. The reasons for this undertaking was purely to build themselves extra income and also to offer something back to their customers. This may be a new and innovative move among social network sites , but real money gaming isn’t a new idea, with many apps available on our hand held devices. But this move will have an impact on how we perceive and play these games in the future.

The move to offer real money gaming apps into the mainstream world, is really a supply and demand issue. Developers and designers are constantly trying to bring out the latest breakthrough game and software, to keep their users entertained; why wouldn’t this progress naturally into real money offerings and the chance for their consumers to get a little something back?

With so many online casino’s offering the same features, it is an obvious move for game developers to tap into. Online Casino’s have become ever more prevalent in the last 2 years and are now almost integral to real money gaming models; there are so many sites offering information on the best online poker sites for real money games, it is an easy area to research.

Along with Facebook, Apple has recently brought the rights and launched their first real money App. Both Facebook and Apple, though are very clear that they didn’t wish to be involved in the development of their games, they just wanted to provide the platform for them. This is mainly due to how new this market is, it really is in its infancy, so platforms following in their footsteps want to see the revenue increases that these games have brought.

Currently these real money games are only available in the UK due to the legality of gambling laws, but American casino apps are starting to build their customer databases, so that once the legalities have been addressed, the Casino companies can also latch onto this lucrative business.Zynga who own and develop a number of online casino and betting apps have recently applied for legislation in the State of Nevada to start the real money gaming movement in the US, which has been met with good results. It is the broadness of the US as a country that has also seen the likes of MGM and the Golden Nugget all securing online gambling licenses.


The Real-Money Transition of Gaming Apps


Bingo Frendzy, Facebook’s first real money game, was such a hit that they have since launched other similar forms of games. Bingo Frenzdzy is more than just a bingo game, it also has a social side to it where you can play with your friends, enjoy leader boards and also win money. It is just this kind of social gaming that look sets to become more widespread over the next 18 months, with other platforms such as Android vying in on some of the action. But it is not just casino games that have broken into the Facebook market, the recent launch of Anno1777 has proved that there are a variety of options available for all companies to grasp. This is a purely social game, where you can live in a virtual reality and you make your money by owning shops or banks and then trading your fake money for the real goods.

Whichever way you look at it, real money gaming is set to be a big thing for 2013 and I am sure that we will see more apps and a variety of styles becoming available on our favourite platforms!