Top 5 Elements to Test on Your Website


Anybody serious about online marketing will want to run some A/B tests to find out what version of a website converts the best. But what do you test?  Here are the top 5 elements to start A/B testing on your Website.


Call to Action

Testing your Call To Action, or the text you use to get people to sign up or buy, should be the first thing you test.  You can change the button text to different variations and test which one converts the best.  For example, you may want to test “Purchase” vs. “Buy Now” for a button.


Color of your Button

Colors do make a difference. Find out if your customers respond more to yellow or orange buttons than other colors.  You may want to change the color of your text too.  Whatever color you change your button to, make sure that the text is legible!



Your landing page should have some sort of image, so why don’t you test which image converts better.  It is said that images with people tend to convert better than other images.  Find out which type of image works best for your website and market.  


Background Color

Sometimes a background color can be very distracting.  Why not test the background color of a landing page to see if it is affecting your conversion rates.  Many well-known websites such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube utilize a white, simple background. Test to see what works best for your customers.


Primary Headline

Your primary headline should grab your reader’s attention so that they continue reading. If you suspect that your headline is not doing this, you should start testing immediately. Change it up a bit but keep the meaning similar so that you only change the primary headline and the rest of the page can stay the same.

When you start testing these 5 elements of your website you will find that your conversion rate will start to improve as you find out what converts your target market the best!