10 Best Public DNS Servers List

DNS Servers does help optimize internet speed a little bit. Updating the Internet DNS server configuration will improve the performance of your Internet connection . Previously, I had written post on Finding the best dns servers based on your location.

Let me talk about the my ISP ‘s DNS server.  BSNL is my internet service provider and it does suck. It works like the toys from china,you know what I mean 😛 . BSNL ‘ s ping is too high and their dns servers are the worst. Hence I always choose open DNS  for my computer instead of the one provided by my ISP.

The basic task of  DNS server is to translate host-names such  as BleepingTech.com to IP addresses like The reason it converts names into number is becuase computers can’t read letters. Another important use of DNS is email routing.

10 Free Fast Public DNS Servers To Increase Internet Speed – 2013

Top Free Public DNS Servers list

Google public DNS server ip address

Open DNS offers DNS server that can block adult content as well. Its also called Open DNS Family Shield. To know more please sign up here.

Level3 dns servers gets routed to the nearest DNS server which is operated by Level3 communications. They are the major providers for most ISPs in the US.

It automatically blocks adult content on the internet by default. Even adult searches on google won’t be allowed if you use Securly DNS

  • Norton

Using Norton DNS will block sites that have malware, spam,scam and phishing .

  • SafeDNS

  • ScrubIT


How to Setup or Change DNS Server IP addresses on your computer?

  • Click the start button —> go to control panel
  • Open network and sharing center
  • Click on change adapter settings on the left
  • Right click on local area connection –> Properties
  • Highlight internet protocol version 4 and hit properties
  • Select use the following DNS server addresses

In the proffered DNS server put  or any other public dns servers mentioned above. In the same manner enter the alternate dns server address.


Changing DNS server as per your operating System

Windows XP, Vista, 2000 / NT, 98, Windows 7, ME , Mac OS X Snow Leopard , OS X Leopard, OS 9, OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Lion, OS X Tiger, Ubuntu etc – Check here https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using

Linux OS

Free BSD Operating System


I hope you enjoyed reading the article. To be honest the speed won’t increase much but you will see the performance improvement for sure.