Back up Your Photos Online

There is an old saying that photos are memories in time. I certainly agree, our pictures are among our top most valuables. In the past, photos were printed out and kept in albums where they why somewhat safe. If you ask your grandparents for a photo of their wedding day, they will probably pullout an old dust album from shelves. Things are not like that anymore, since the invention of digital cameras, people no longer see the need to printout photos while they can just access them from their PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

Though this is relatively a safer mode of storage than the old days, it is still not enough. What if you gadget crashes, or your external hard drive is damaged. Then you will have lost many memories. You might think that this assumption is farfetched but the truth is it happens to thousands of individuals every day. Many possible things can happen and cause you to lose your photos. Imagine the feeling of loosing years of memories, some of which can never be repeated. You definitely do not want to be in that position. What is a permanent solution to this problem?

Fortunately, I can answer that question with confidence today. Advancements in software developments have made it possible for you to backup your data, which includes photos, using the internet. Some of these programs can back up the photos as often as every hour. The photos are stored on a server that is completely secure, and some companies even offer unlimited storage space. Currently, about 30 companies are providing this service and there is many more coming up. Thus, it can be quite a task to select the most suitable for you. Below is a list of companies that we have examined and determined to be the top 3 in terms storing photos, based on features, storage capabilities and cost

1. ZipCloud



This website is very straightforward and uncomplicated. It has simple software that anyone will find easy to use. We highly recommend this company since it is the best out there. One thing that stuck out is there prices. They offer 75GB of storage for just $4.95 and unlimited storage space for merely $6.95. if you are interested in a detailed review you can find it here.

You can find them at

2. JustCloud



This website has been built with the main aim of simplifying the whole process of backing up photos online. It is so simple that even your grandparents can learn to use it. Within just 15 minutes of you signing up, all your photos will be backed up. The reason it is on the number 2 spot is because it charges slightly higher. For 75GB of storage you have to part with $5.45 while unlimited storage will cost you $9.95.

You can find them at

3. SugarSync


The main advantage of this websites is its simplicity. Even a 9-year old child can use this site to backup photos.  It has received many positive reviews by user from all over the globe. The only downside is the high prices and the limited storage space. They offer 30GB of storage space for $4.99 and 100GB for $14.99.

You can find them at


All the three companies have bandwidth throttling, file exclusions and scheduled backups. They also store older versions of your files in case you need to go back after you have made changes. You can go back as many as 30 times.