The major breakthrough in the eCommerce industry is Magento for sure. From 2008 to 2012, it has become the most sought after solution in the industry with its wide range of features for the creation and management of an online store.


Online Business and Magento

Whether you want to start your online business or wish to improve your existing online store, you can find a more efficient solution in Magento.  It is a great platform to expand your business. This platform has been recognised by the web developers, web designers and the online merchants. One of the major reasons for which online businesses can consider migrating to Magento platform is to discard the non-operational technologies for ushering in a progressive and an innovative technology environment.


The following points can help you to know why you should use the Magento platform:


Editions- As it is an open-source platform, the installation as well as the operation of are free. However, if you require extra modules, you have to pay for that. This is for your information that there are two editions of Magento, the paid and the free community editions.


Unique and easy-to-operate- The users acknowledge the capability of this powerful software to handle many sites. There is a unique site as well as domain for each online store. You will probably not face any problem in terms of administration since it is as easy as to operate a single store.


Several options and features– For managing big quantities of products, it is best to consider Magento. With a good number of helpful features, you can search and sort products by several decisive factors. There is an option of including products in your wish list and downloading digital products. With the use of this platform, you can increase traffic to your website. It offers inbuilt SEO functionality with tags and descriptions. All these are intended to help with clean code and easy site navigation. One of the most important feature of this program is the Google analytics that help in tracking conversions and following statistics.


User-friendly nature– This is  one of the biggest beneficial aspects. The modern store interface, easy catalogue navigation and the benefits like building personal accounts, checking items ordered recently and the option of saving the order status and history; for all these the Magento platform definitely deserves a thumbs up.


Therefore, it is clear from the above discussion that there are several beneficial factors of Magento.


Magento requires a dedicated server to offer better performance

As its  a resource consuming platform, there is a requirement of using a dedicated server. If you have skills in programming, you can use the features of this platform to your best advantage. In case you do not have a technical background, you can always take the help of a developer.


Is Magento Worth Considering? Now its up to you to decide. Do you want to enhance the functionality of your online store? Do you want your eCommerce platform fulfil your business requirements? It is definitely worth considering to accomplish these two objectives.