iPhone Apps For Car Ennthusiasts

Whether you are a car fanatic or just an average car owner there are Smartphone apps that will make automobile ownership much easier and more fun. From apps related to auto insurance to traffic and fuel, there are plenty of tools out there for everyone. 


Here are seven apps for avid car enthusiasts:

Right after an accident, the stress and anxiety can make it difficult to remember what you need to do next. The WreckCheck app provides an easy checklist for guidance during such a stressful time. You can record any information for insurance purposes or accident reports; you can email claim reports and store photos.


FuelLog is for the road warriors and commuters out there. Not only does this app track fuel costs, maintenance and usage, but enter your car details, such as make, model, price, etc. and the app will calculate numerous statistics beneficial to caring for your car.

Car Locator

As embarrassing as it seems, we all forget where the parked car is. The Car Locator app will automatically save the parked car location; in addition, the app has a parking timer, photo and notes storage and the ability to share your location with others.

Beat the Traffic

Navigate through the traffic in the U.S. and Canada with the Beat the Traffic app. Check the most up-to-date traffic issues to find different routes, receive real-time information on traffic incidents, roadwork and average speed times.


ACar will manage and track important information to the current condition of your vehicle. Like a personal assistant, aCar provides information on gas mileage, maintenance, expenses, trip details, fill-ups, trips, reminders and more.


Vlingo is a voice-powered assistant app used to reduce driver diversions. With this app you can dictate text messages, call a contact, search the web and find locations. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive app with a large interface.

SpeedView Pro

A cutting-edge speedometer with a large selection of features, SpeedView Pro is an accurate app that determines your speed. The speedometer has linear compass, speed warnings and graphs that demonstrate our speed. 

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Ed Brohan writes for CheapCarInsurance.net, which helps people find cheap car insurance.