Mobile advertising is the new era challenging big banner ads and flashy TV jingles. This form of advertising will take the industry with a sweeping force, touching and reaching the customers wherever they go. New companies that have recognized the presence of mobile advertising are already commanding enough respect that they are fast becoming big brands. Now the big question that many corporate bodies and big companies are left to answer is what the role of mobile advertising is.
If you’re reading this article, then definitely, you’re being curious about what mobile advertising has to offer. This article will show some important roles of mobile advertising and why you should embrace it now.


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Mobile Users Now Buy Goods Online

In a report polled by mobile advertising company InMobi, which described itself as the largest independent mobile advertising network, over a fifth of mobile users spend £20 on their phone while above a quarter will churn out £50 on their mobile phones. (see

Although, compared to the thousands users spend on the computer buying goods from online stores, these humble figures are signs that the mobile advertising world is flourishing.
It has also been confirmed that mobile users respond to ads on their mobile phones and make decisions on what they will eventually buy judging by the ads they see on their mobile phones.



Mobile Advertising Gets Committed Users 

Commitment is one of the major factors marketers consider before investing on potential customers. If a marketer successfully gets a potential user to become committed to their company, there’s a higher chance that the user will spend respectable amount of money to get the services and products of the company in question.


Mobile advertising has been able to successfully get users to pay more commitment to the company whose product is being advertised. This is a remarkable success for the mobile advertising industry and will also serve as an eye-opener for those that are yet to recognize the influence of mobile advertising.



Quick Reach 

One other important role mobile advertising is actively playing in the advertising industry is the way it quickly reaches its target audience. Unlike the traditional desktop advertising that takes longer before the target audience finally sees it – almost 24hrs after the message has been sent; the mobile ad reaches the users immediately.

This owes to the fact the mobile phone users are always with their phones irrespective of the time of the day, thus making them see ads and messages instantly and so making it possible for them to respond in a timely manner.



One other good way the mobile advertising is going to beat the traditional advertising is through the user’s personality. With mobile phones, advertising companies have an increased chance of trailing the personality of their target – thereby helping them to channel a more suitable ad to him/her. This will make sure more users respond to the ads they receive on their device positively and help investors see a high ROI.



Mobile advertising is a change that is proving itself by time, and over time big companies and big ad agencies will come to recognize this form of advertising as a bankable way to invest one’s money.

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